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Unless your applications is being processed under the Proportionate Review Service, you should attend the REC meeting if possible. Please check directly with the REC manager if you can only dial in to the meeting by phone. 

Between seven and 15 members of the REC will be present at the meeting, together with the REC manager. It is a formal committee meeting, but the REC will wish to make this a positive and helpful experience. 

The committee will ask you questions surrounding ethical issues arising from your application in order to seek reassurance that all ethical issues have been addressed, and so you should be ready to provide clarification in respect of any ethical issues. It is helpful if you have a copy of your application form and study documents with you to refer to when you attend the meeting. 

If your study forms part of an academic qualification then we strongly advise that your academic or clinical supervisor attends the meeting with you. This gives the REC the opportunity to clarify any points directly with your supervisor. 

You will not need to take notes as the REC manager will take minutes, which will form part of the decision letter sent to you. 

The REC will usually not be able to let you know their decision at the meeting. 

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