Confidentiality Advisory Group registers

Last updated on 24 Jul 2024

Details of all approved applications are held in a register of approvals which is updated monthly.

The register contains summary information about the activity, details of the identifiers approved, and applicant contact details.

The CAG register details all applications that have received approval from the Secretary of State for Health or the Health Research Authority (HRA approvals from 1 April 2013).  

For convenience, the CAG register is divided into four documents:

CAG meeting minutes hold detailed information on the CAG rationale for each application advised against. 

Each application entry shows a ‘next review date’. If this date has passed but the entry still shows approved it is likely that an annual review is in the process of approval.

To review application summary details and conditions of support using the search function on the Registers, please follow these instructions:

  • make sure you have the correct reference number and title of the activity
  • open then navigate to the Index page of each Excel spreadsheet
  • click ‘Control’ and ‘F’ to bring up the Find function
  • click on 'Options'
  • next to the ‘Look in’ function on the left, please select ‘Values’
  • enter the relevant search term

If you are an applicant who believes there is an error with your entry or if any of the details have changed please contact

Since 2023 the national data opt out status has been recorded with each register entry, plus in column I on the index sheet. Whilst we have ensured all activities that are exempted from the national data opt out have this status recorded, it is not possible to record this for all historical applications where the national data opt out should be applied. Therefore people viewing this page should use the following guide in determining the national data opt out status:

  • activity has an ‘exempted’ status - national data opt out should not be applied
  • activity has an ‘applied’ status or no status - national data opt out should be applied
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