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Last updated on 31 Aug 2022

We value all feedback: we want to keep improving what we do.

Our contact page gives you details of the main contact points for the organisation. If you have specific feedback or concerns about our services, please see the information below.

Our customer charter sets out the standards you can expect from us and how we will seek to improve the services we provide.

Providing feedback on your experience of HRA services

We always welcome feedback from users of HRA services. If you would like to tell us about your experience of our services then please complete our online feedback form. More information about this form and how we use the information that is gathered is provided in the quality assurance section of this site. If you require help in completing the form please contact Jane Martin on 020 7104 8041 or Nicki Watts on 020 7104 8049.

If your feedback relates to our website please use the website feedback form or contact us directly by emailing

Raising concerns

We are committed to providing a service in a professional, fair and courteous manner. We recognise, however, that there may be times when things can go wrong and so have established a procedure for dealing with such concerns when they happen.

If you wish to raise a complaint about the HRA, including complaints about the standard or quality of services provided by the HRA, any divergence from procedures or the behaviour of our directly employed staff, secondees, agency workers, contractors and volunteer members,  please email  Your complaint will be managed in accordance with our complaints policy and procedure.

If you have a concern which relates to the behaviour or conduct of another responsible body or a third party, for example a researcher, research team or Clinical Research Organisation please email

The HRA will consider the concern in accordance with our policy and procedure for managing complaints relating to third parties and may agree to undertake a review of the issues alongside other parties. As part of its initial consideration, the HRA will review the responsibilities of third parties as set out in the UK Policy Framework for Health & Social Care Research and reserves the right to decline to undertake a review if appropriate.

We aim to investigate and respond to complaints and concerns within 25 working days however occasionally this may not be possible. In these instances we will notify you of any reasons for the delay and the likely timeframe for the investigation to be completed.

Appealing a decision by a REC

The Research Ethics Service Standard Operating Procedures give provision for any applicant who has received an unfavourable opinion on an application the right to appeal that decision.

Applicants also have the right to appeal an unfavourable opinion on a substantial amendment.

Applicants are required to set out in writing their reasons for wishing to appeal the decision and send to for consideration. If accepted, the study will be assigned to another REC. This appeal REC will consider the same documentation which was considered by the original reviewing REC together with a copy of the Appeal letter and any other representations the research team may wish to make.

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