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Radiation Assurance accepts cardiology, oncology, neurology and rheumatology studies taking place in the NHS (or HSC in Northern Ireland). 

How does the process work?

When a study is submitted for Radiation Assurance, we will check we have all of the documents needed to conduct a consistency review on the application.

We recommend you read our consistency review criteria, available on the IRAS website, to see what we check applications against.

You will also need to tell us which management route you would like your study to be processed through. 

There are two management routes for Radiation Assurance:


This option is available to commercial and non-commercial studies with funding for the review fees. 

Our review fee page has further information about funding and payment for review. 

Applicants submitting studies through the HRA-managed route have the option to request up to three trusts or health boards for the HRA to approach to undertake the review. Alternatively, we will select appropriate HRA-registered reviewers. In either instance, the entire process will be managed by the HRA and should take no more than 40 calendar days (excluding queries). 

To support you with understanding the HRA-managed process please refer to our process flow chart. 



This option is available to non-commercial studies where the sponsor (or co-sponsor) is the same as the reviewing trust or health board. It is also available to pre-funded studies; further details are available on our review fee page.

Applicants submitting studies through the self-managed route will manage the selection of reviewers and the review process. Reviewers undertaking the review on behalf of the applicant should be registered with the HRA. You will still need to submit all of your study documentation for registration and to have the consistency review conducted by the HRA at the start of the process, and send your completed review to us in order to gain confirmation of Radiation Assurance. We aim to complete the consistency review within 14 calendar days (excluding queries), but the rest of the process is managed directly by the applicant so we do not provide a timeline for this.

To support you with understanding the self-managed process please refer to our process flow chart. 


What happens after Radiation Assurance?

As Radiation Assurance provides the reviews in Part B section 3 of the IRAS form, the next step is to submit the research application to a REC and, if necessary, the Preliminary Research Assessment form (PRA) to the ARSAC. They will use the information provided to assist them in their reviews.

There is further information for applicants in the IRAS submissions guidance. Participating sites can find additional information within our Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I provide feedback?

We welcome your feedback on the Radiation Assurance process and the guidance we have provided. Please complete our online survey. Responses will be reviewed as part of the evaluation at the end of each phase of roll-out.

If you have any questions about Radiation Assurance, please contact us at

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