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Our commitments in detail 

We plan to implement the 10 commitments in the strategy through a number of different projects. Those projects are described below, with an expected timeline. Some projects are linked to our IT systems redevelopment where timelines are not yet defined.

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Reviewing our guidance and standard conditions for approval

Linked to strategy commitments: 

  1. Being clear about what we expect of sponsors and researchers and what they can expect of us 
  2. Supporting good practice through guidance, learning and clear communication 
Projects Timeline
Review and update existing guidance on our website and in the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS) to clarify research transparency requirements and best practice October 2020
Review and update the information we give to successful applicants to clarify research transparency requirements December 2020
Develop learning modules on research transparency for researchers, sponsors and HRA staff December 2020
Further refine our guidance by undertaking user research to gather insights about the best format to present information March 2021
Change the question in IRAS so that applicants are asked how and when they will inform participants about the study findings TBC

Provide enhanced individual study information through our website

Linked to strategy commitment: 

9. Publishing or sharing accessible information about individual studies and their findings

Projects Timeline
Improve and expand the Research Summaries site for providing information about approved studies Spring 2021
Add lay summaries of research findings to individual approved studies on our website 2021-2022
Add information about support from the Confidentiality Advisory Group for individual approved studies on our website 2021-2022
Add research transparency performance information for individual approved studies on our website 2021-2022

Running an engagement programme, using the Make it Public brand

Linked to strategy commitments:

6. Rewarding and celebrating good practice 
2. Supporting good practice though guidance, learning and clear communication 

Projects Timeline
Continue to promote research transparency through the Make it Public campaign Ongoing
Hold the first research transparency annual meeting one-year on from the strategy launch Summer 2021
Publish the first annual research transparency report, with performance data added over time Summer 2021

Establishing ongoing monitoring on study reporting and developing a framework for measuring performance

Linked to strategy commitments:

4. Reminding researchers and sponsors when their reporting is due 
7. Taking action where researchers and sponsors do not fulfil their research transparency responsibilites 

Projects Timeline
Pilot and develop a standard dataset for the final report with stakeholder input, starting with clinical trials of medicines TBC
Develop processes and commence manual follow-up of final report for information, analysis and reporting December 2020
Design and implement automated reminders and electronic submission of final reports TBC

Carrying out an options appraisal on a model for UK clinical trials registration

Linked to strategy commitment:

8. Ensuring that all clinical trials taking place in the UK are registered before the first patient is recruited, unless the sponsor has permission to delay this to a later stage.

Projects Timeline
Carry out an options appraisal for a model for UK registration of clinical trials October 2020

Align expectations across funders, regulators, and publishers

Linked to strategy commitment:

5. Working with research funding bodies, other regulators and publishers to make sure that expectations around research transparency are consistent and aligned

Activities Timeline
Establish a stakeholder forum to facilitate alignment of research transparency requirements 2021-2022

Introducing sanctions into the approvals process

Linked to strategy commitment:

7. Taking action where researchers and sponsors not fulfill their research transparency responsibilities

Projects Timeline
Develop a policy for how we will assess performance against research transparency requirements and how that will be used when reviewing new studies for approval 2021-2022
Introduce research transparency performance assessment into review of new studies 2021-2022
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