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HRA Approval learning resources

Last updated on 11 Dec 2018

To support and guide researchers through the HRA Approval process we have produced some useful training resources.

Our materials have been tested with a range of audiences but if you think there is anything missing or have any suggestions about how we can improve this area, please get in touch.

Resources to use when training applicants

Leaflets for the research community

Sponsors and applicants


To support both sponsors and applicants we have created six eLearning modules outlining the HRA Approval process for commercial and non-commercial sponsors respectively. We are currently in the process of developing three more modules that will be coming soon.

They cover applying for HRA Approval and setting up HRA Approval studies in the NHS in England. They include details of new HRA Approval arrangements for amendments and new sites that now apply to all NHS studies in England started in pre-HRA Approval systems.

Training days

Visit our dedicated ‘training days’ area to find out when the next session is taking place near you.

Alternatively the National Institute for Healthcare Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network offers an eLearning module on attribution of costs for research in the NHS.

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