Standards and policies

Payment for public involvement

Payment for public involvement in health and care research: a guide for organisations on employment status and tax was produced by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR), Health Research Authority and Health and Care Research Wales for organisations that pay public contributors as part of their involvement in research.

The guide was published on 12 April 2023 and provides a clear framework for organisations to develop simple and timely payment policies. It includes guidance on employment status, tax and the impact on benefits.

Getting started

Finding people with relevant experience


  • The Learning for Involvement website lists training opportunities and resources about public involvement in research both for researchers and for patients and other members of the public.

Preparing for your REC

  • The public involvement team have produced a checklist which talks about the ways you can involve the public in your research.

Involving children and young people

Case studies

The following sites have links to detailed examples of different types of research and the public involvement which benefited it: 

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