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Novel Coronavirus Observational Study

Last updated on 30 Apr 2020

Research type



Novel Coronavirus Observational Study

Contact name

Professor Calum Semple


University of Oxford


Wellcome Trust

New study or amendment to existing study


Research summary 

The purpose of the CCP-UK is to study COVID-19 disease to better understand its spread and behaviour by analysing biological samples and data from patients with confirmed cases of the disease across the UK.

Data from this important study will help to answer urgent questions about the virus and provide real-time information about the disease.

It is hoped the study could help to control the outbreak and improve treatment for patients by generating important evidence around:

  • Who in the population is at higher risk of severe illness
  • What the best way is to diagnose the disease
  • What actually happens in their immune systems to help or harm them
  • The effects of drugs used in patients with COVID-19
  • How long people are infectious for and from which bodily fluids
  • Whether people are infected with other viruses (e.g. flu) at the same time
The study team will recruit at least 1,300 UK patients over the next year and aim to start communicating their initial results in months.



Registry entries


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South Central - Oxford C

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