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Last updated on 24 Nov 2022

The social media landscape is changing, and we want to make sure that you always know how and where to find trusted information about the HRA, and the different ways you can use to stay in touch. Our Head of Communications Eve Hart has a round up.

If you’re reading this, hello! You’ve either clicked through from HRA Latest, browsed the news section of our website, or even followed a link from social media, all of which we use to share what you need to know about the Health Research Authority.

And there’s a lot to know. If you make applications to carry out health and social care research you might want to sign up for HRA Now, our ad hoc email bulletin which we send you when policy or process changes.

If you’re involved in health and social care research, living with a condition, or caring for someone who is impacted by research, you can choose to receive Public Involvement News, a monthly round up of opportunities for you to shape our work, and to hear the difference that it’s made.

We’re on LinkedIn where you can read our comment on research in the news, and on Facebook where we’ve found that photos catch your attention. And in all of these places we talk and listen, because you use them to get in touch and let us know how we’re doing, or to tell us when you need help or information.

We’re also on Twitter where almost ten thousand of you follow us. Earlier this year we were delighted to tweet along live from the launch of our new strategy, making it easy to do research that people can trust.

We’re keeping a close eye on social media to make sure that it’s always clear which accounts you can trust, and that the channels we use are still the right way to share with you what’s going on, and also to hear your feedback.

We’re also thinking about other ways to keep in touch and want to hear from you if your habits are changing. Are you on Insta, Mastodon, TikTok or Clubhouse? Would you like us to talk to you using WhatsApp, or do you expect to find us in the Metaverse? Do you know that we have a YouTube channel, and what would you like to see there?

Please let us know if you have feedback on the ways in which you hear the latest from the HRA, or which you use to keep in touch with us. Things are changing quickly and you can email any feedback to

Eve Hart, HRA Head of Communications

Eve Hart, Head of Communications

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