Last updated on 13 May 2024

HRA Now, our operational bulletin, keeps you up-to-date with the latest operational news and developments from across the organisation. HRA Now is aimed at those working in and supporting the set up and delivery of research, from applicants and sponsors through to delivery teams.

Each HRA Now is dedicated to a specific topic indicated in the subject header allowing the recipient to read or immediately discard. As this is an operational bulletin, there is no fixed schedule for publication. HRA Now is distributed when we need to inform our audience of changes or developments.

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Latest HRA Now issued

Our most recent HRA Now was issued on 13 May 2024.

HRA Now - new commercial agreement published.

Past issues of HRA Now

Other past issues of HRA Now can be found below:

HRA Now - updated Organisation Information Document (OID)

HRA Now - draft model Investigator Initiated Study Agreement - tell us what you think

HRA Now: call for comment on new agreement

HRA Now: update to the organisation information documents

HRA Now: clarification on public involvement requirements for Confidentiality Advisory Group (CAG) applications

HRA Now: clarification of HRA policy on registration of CTIMPs taking place in the UK and EU

HRA Now: Updates to the commercial and non-commercial model agreements

HRA Now: Applicant attendance at CAG meetings and changes to CAG mainline

HRA Now: Participant information Quality Standards and Design and Review Principles become mandatory from Friday 1 December

HRA Now: Important changes to NCVR come into effect on Sunday 1 October

HRA Now: Participant information Quality Standards and Design and Review Principles

HRA Now: Tell us what you think: guidance on how to involve patients and the public in the design and delivery of clinical trials

HRA Now: National Contract Value Review stage two roll-out

HRA Now: One-time passcode for IRAS services on the NIHR Identity Gateway

HRA Now: financial appendix to model agreements for commercial contract research

HRA Now: New National Contract Value Review data

HRA Now: updated template agreements

HRA Now: Updated commercial model Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (mCDA)s

HRA Now: Updated guidance for amendments and the NHS Digital merger with NHS England

HRA Now: Try out our new IRAS user guide for CTIMPs

HRA Now: New and updated site agreements

HRA Now: Indemnity arrangements in research

HRA Now: Proportionate Review Toolkit published

HRA Now: Combined review - new explainer video

HRA Now: Could you help us put people first in research?

HRA Now: Combined review - new video explains IRAS user roles and recent changes

HRA Now Changes in IRAS for combined review

HRA Now March 2022: Changes to automatic registration 

HRA Now: updates for studies using confidential patient information

HRA Now February 2022: New Model Agreement templates published to reduce the time taken to set up commercial studies in the UK

HRA Now January 2022: Ionising radiation and combined review webinar

HRA Now December 2021: Changes for clinical trials from January 2022

HRA Now December 2021: Revised Amendment Tool now published

HRA Now November 2021: Webinars on combined review

HRA Now November 2021: Site set up for interventional research

HRA Now September 2021 - COVID-19 COPI notice extended

HRA Now September 2021 - New final report requirements

HRA Now April 2021 - Update on model template agreements

HRA Now March 2021 - Changes to UK amendment process and updated SOPs for RECs

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