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Last updated on 28 May 2020

We are looking for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to become a pharmacy reviewer. To support COVID-19 research, we have sped up the process for applying to become a reviewer.

As part of our response to supporting urgent research during the current pandemic, we are fast-tracking COVID-19 applications through our Pharmacy Assurance service. We know from feedback from sponsors that pharmacy assurance has cut down on dealing with queries from pharmacy departments. Sites have also reported that it has really reduced the burden of pharmacy set-up, which is fantastic to hear as it’s exactly what the aim of Pharmacy Assurance is.

We know how much pressure there has been on the NHS, so we have tried to keep things simple and used registered pharmacy reviewers at a participating NHS site to do the technical review, to then share with other sites. We’re grateful to pharmacy reviewers who have stepped in to help where this hasn’t been possible.

So that we can continue to support both applicants and trusts by expediting COVID-19 studies through Pharmacy Assurance, we are also fast-tracking review of applications from pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who would like to register with us as a reviewer. This involves a fast-track check that the potential reviewer meets the criteria in our reviewer role description. To complete the registration process, they will have to agree to our standard reviewer terms and conditions.

Register as a reviewer

We require the following from interested pharmacists/pharmacy technicians to be provided to us at

  • a current CV (two-pages maximum);
  • a letter of support from their line manager and/or Chief Pharmacist confirming that they are happy for them to review in this capacity;
  • a covering letter describing how they meet the role requirements.
  • the reviewer registration form completed via our website.
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