Pharmacy and Radiation Assurance for COVID-19 studies

Last updated on 3 Jun 2020

To support sponsors and sites in the quick set up of COVID-19 studies, the Pharmacy and Radiation Assurance process has been expanded. Technical assurances enables rapid set-up of NHS sites and reduces the pressure on organisations.

We have reviewers in place to support fast-tracked applications, so please contact a member of the Technical Assurance team to support you through the process if you are submitting a research project for COVID-19 that includes pharmacy or radiation. Studies will be able to be processed through the self-managed route, where the sponsor is an NHS organisation.

We continue to accept all other eligible studies through both Pharmacy and Radiation Assurance, so sponsors can still receive the benefits these reviews provide, though are prioritising studies:

  • COVID-19 studies 
  • Studies submitted through the combined ways of working pilot (CWoW)
  • Studies currently going through Technical Assurance
  • New applications (non COVID-19) where it is confirmed that the study can be supported in principle by the proposed NHS sites
  • New applications (non COVID-19) where it is planned to set up the study once the current pressures on the system have eased

Please be aware that timelines for non COVID-19 studies could be longer than usual at this time. 

For further information on eligible study types, please visit the HRA Technical Assurances webpage.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Technical Assurance team ( /

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