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Customer charter

Last updated on 23 Oct 2018

The Health Research Authority is an executive non-departmental public body (NDPB), sponsored by the Department of Health and Social Care. 

Our core purpose is to protect and promote the interests of patients and the public in health and social care research. We are one of a number of organisations that work together in the UK to regulate different aspects of health and social care research. Most of our functions apply to research undertaken in England, but we also work closely with the other countries in the UK to provide a UK-wide system.

This charter sets out the standards you can expect from us and how we will seek to improve the services we provide. 

Our commitment to you

We will: 

  • do what we say we'll do
  • be helpful and polite and treat you fairly and with respect 
  • make sure we provide you with accurate information 
  • keep you updated so you know what will happen next and when 
  • do our best to make our responses easy to understand 
  • try to understand and meet your needs so that it is easy to interact with us 
  • say sorry if we get something wrong 
  • listen to your feedback and use it to improve how we do things.

What we expect from you

You can help us by: 

  • treating our staff with respect; we will not tolerate threatening or abusive behaviour 
  • asking us to explain anything you are unsure about 
  • giving us all the information we ask for within a reasonable time and by ensuring it is correct 
  • contacting us if you are unhappy about the service you have received or if you have a complaint 
  • telling us how we can improve our services by providing us with your feedback and suggestions.

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