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Last updated on 7 Jun 2022

Health and social care research is done with and for everyone. 

Include everyone in research

Meaningfully involving people in all stages of research and sharing its findings is crucial to earn people’s trust. It helps us do better research that can improve care.

We will:

  • Push for change to increase diversity and inclusion in research
  • Increase public involvement in research
  • Make transparency the norm for research

Ask you what you want research to look like and act on this

Research must address the issues that matter to you to earn your trust.

We will:

  • Champion issues that are important to people in research
  • Create public conversations about research issues that matter to people
  • Encourage researchers to do a better job of putting people first

Involve you in the HRA 

We can make better decisions by working with a diverse group of people with lived experience and making sure that anyone who wants to can get involved.

We will:

  • Increase public involvement in how we make decisions
  • Listen to and involve a diverse group of people in our work
  • Talk in a way that everyone can access and understand
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