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Last updated on 7 Jun 2022

Research findings improve care faster because the UK is the easiest place in the world to do research that people can trust. 

Save money and time so that you can focus on doing good research

To earn people’s trust, research projects involving people, their tissue or their data need a number of approvals before they can go ahead. We will make it easier for researchers to find out what they need to do and earn these approvals.

We will:

  • Join up research approvals across the UK
  • Make it easier to put people first in research
  • Support action to ensure that precious NHS resources are focussed on research that will help improve care.

Create a new online system to help you make research happen 

The approvals that each research project needs come from different organisations depending on what it is trying to do. We will:

  • Connect the steps that are part of doing research and make them easy to follow.
  • Work with others so that each step you take informs the next

Support new ways to do research

We will make it possible to do new types of research here in the UK so that we can get better, quicker answers and put people first.

We will:

  • Work with research teams to explore new ways to do research and make these happen.
  • Learn together to make sure that regulation keeps up with research so you can trust our decisions.
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