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Vacancies: HRA Radiation Assurance reviewers

Last updated on 12 Feb 2018

This news story was published in February 2018. Please see our can I become a HRA-registered reviewer page.

Streamlining the review and approval of studies involving ionising radiation

As part of our commitment to continuously improving the support we provide to the research community, we are introducing a process to improve the quality and consistency of research applications involving ionising radiation. 

HRA Radiation Assurance is a UK wide collaboration, designed by experts, following feedback from stakeholders that gaining sign off for studies involving radiation has been proving difficult.

A more streamlined process will aim to reduce site set up times and implement a standard research cost, making it easier for sponsors to request the correct amount of funding. You can read more details of the changes on the Radiation Assurance page.

HRA Radiation Assurance reviewers 

As part of these improvements, we're recruiting a panel of HRA Radiation Assurance reviewers to assist us in reaching these goals and support the UK wide process. These will be Lead Clinical Radiation Experts (CREs) and Medical Physics Expert (MPEs) whose role will be to review studies.

Radiation Assurance will have a phased implementation, with the first phase starting on 16 April 2018 and covering all oncology studies taking place in the NHS. We are currently inviting MPEs and CREs to register to become HRA Radiation Assurance Reviewers with expertise in one or more of the following modalities/clinical specialisms:

  • Radiology
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Radiotherapy
  • Oncology
  • Paediatric oncology

Candidates should have experience of carrying out local IRMER compliance reviews, as well as lead MPE/CRE reviews. A short online training course about the review process will be provided to successful candidates. 

Further details:

Deadline for application submission: Friday 6 April 2018

If you have any queries around the role, please contact

Giles Morrison, Medical Physics Expert and HRA Expert Advisor

Giles Morrison

“Radiation is an explicit part of the ethical approval process. I see the reviewer role as being about assuring patient safety in research that uses ionising radiation.

"The changes have been piloted, with the intention of reducing the burden of approval at local sites by ensuring that high quality protocols, participant information sheets and comprehensive IRAS applications are submitted to Research Ethics Committees. 

"The outcome was that the quality of applications improved and it is anticipated that ultimately local approval processes become simply a question of capacity and capability, reducing delays to study recruitment."

Interested in applying?

Candidates who are interested in registering should provide:

  • Proof of registration to the appropriate professional body;
  • A current CV (two-pages maximum);
  • A completed HRA reviewer registration form;
  • A letter of support from their line manager;
  • A covering letter describing how they meet the role requirements

The above documents should be submitted to The subject line of the email should be “Reviewer registration application”.

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