HRA Assessment Review Portal (HARP)

Last updated on 23 Apr 2021

The HRA Assessment Review Portal (HARP) is a database which records and tracks the progress of research applications submitted to the HRA.  Information held in HARP is held securely and confidentially and access is restricted to authorised users who manage or review studies submitted to the HRA.

Research Ethics Committees (RECs)

HARP also manages the process of booking applications into RECs meetings.

HARP enables REC members to access a members portal, which enables them to view applications and amendments electronically.

This enables members to share their ethical comments with each other efficiently as well as helping us to be more environmentally-sustainable as an organisation. 

The video below provides an overview and demonstration of the HARP member portal for REC members, including how to log in, change your password, access meetings and applications and record your ethical comments.

If you are a REC member, we would advise you to also visit our members area and review our guidance and policies

Download a transcript of the HARP Member Portal Demonstration video.

User accounts are granted to individuals and as such, accounts must not be shared and each user will be required to sign up to terms and conditions of use.

HRA Approval Portal

HARP enables NHS organisations to check the HRA Approval status of a study that they are participating in, they can also access the HRA Initial Assessment and HRA Approval letters. The Portal will not however provide a complete set of documents – study documents will be provided to sites by the sponsor.

User accounts

Research and Development (R&D) Offices have been offered the opportunity of requesting up to 2 user accounts. We recognise that one R&D office may provide research management support to one or a number of NHS organisations (acute, community or primary care settings in CCG areas) but it is anticipated that use of HARP will be occasional as for most studies NHS organisations will receive all the information they need from sponsors.

  • The HRA Approval Portal is not the equivalent to the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) CSP Module
  • The primary search function in the HRA Approval Portal is by IRAS number
  • The HRA Approval Portal does not list which sites have confirmed capacity or capability, it provides the status of HRA Approval only
  • A very limited number of documents will be viewable on HRA Approval Portal however this may change over time
  • You can only view HRA Approval studies on the HRA Approval Portal. Commercially sponsored Phase 1/2a Clinical Trials are excluded from the HRA Approval Portal.

For more information please read the HRA Approval Portal User Guide.

For support please email You can also refer to our list of Member Portal Frequently Asked Questions. 

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