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Last updated on 14 Feb 2024

Our Research Ethics Committee (REC) members are required to undertake training and we support our members with this.

Our highly experienced training team provide an extensive programme of training specifically for REC members.

Induction for new REC members

Our one-hour online induction for newly appointment REC members has been designed to support and help enhance knowledge and awareness of RECs. 

If you have been recently appointed as a REC member we encourage you to complete the online induction training as soon as possible, ideally just after you have received your appointment letter.  

Equality, Diversity and Human Rights

This course is for REC members who need to complete Equality and Diversity training within the first 12 months of their appointment and again during the first 12 months of re-appointment after five years’ service.

Self-directed learning

REC members are required to undertake research ethics related learning on an annual basis during their term of appointment. This could involve attending a face-to-face training day or completing e-learning, but it could also involve undertaking independent self-directed learning. Our self-directed learning form, which reflects the new process, is available on the Learning Management System. We have also put together some short guidance to explain the new form and process.

To meet the minimum requirement for training, your learning must be linked to the work of the REC and relate to either issues of ethical principles or legislation relevant to ethical review. Resource areas grouped by topic are available in our Learning Management System.


All REC members in England only are entitled to a free NHS Athens Account to access bibliographic databases and electronic journals such as The Lancet, British Medical Journal, and the Journal of Medical Ethics. 

If you would like an NHS Athens account please contact the learning and development team for details.

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