What difference should being people-centred make?

Last updated on 29 Oct 2023

Doing research in people-centred ways can make a difference to all aspects of your study.

It should:

Create more opportunities for more people to take part

Because research is done in ways that help people to take part, this includes people who are often under-served by research. Fewer people are excluded from research about their health and care, and more research succeeds.

Make it better for people who do take part

Because it is a better experience for them! There is greater transparency, and trust in research is improved. This will also enhance research design and delivery because more appropriate questions, methods and outcomes are chosen.

Reduce research waste

Because the research is less likely to fail due to poor recruitment. There are cost and time savings because there are fewer amendments, and the time taken to deliver studies is reduced as studies are simplified. The research is more relevant, and more likely to make a difference.

Support better health and care decisions

Because the research is more relevant to the health care needs of those it is for and about. The research is more likely to have an impact.

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