Using great communication

Last updated on 29 Oct 2023
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People-centred clinical research means using great communication.

On the left hand side are two researchers. One is wearing a grey suit over a blue t-shirt with a lanyard. She has red hair tied back in a ponytail and is wearing glasses. She has her arms folded. One is wearing a turquoise shirt open over a white t-shirt and carrying a brown satchel. They are wearing a badge in the shape of a heart with the trans flag colours inside. They are holding a black folder. Their speech bubble says 'We will keep you updated and communicate with you in ways that work for you'.

On the right hand side is a research participant. He us wearing a blue shirt and a pale yarmulke. His speech bubble says 'I know I can contact the research team and they will listen to me. We try to understand each other. I am kept informed'.

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