Why is people-centred clinical research important?

Last updated on 27 Oct 2023

Research should be people-centred as well as ethical, legally compliant and done with scientific integrity.

To help explain what we mean, here's some more information.

People-centred research

The research and researchers are focussed on what matters most to the people the research is for and about, and work in partnership with them. The research and research team work in ways that matter to people when they take part.

This means those who should and could be included, and not just those who are actually asked to take part.

Ethical and legal research

The research and research team balance the risks and benefits to individuals and society, protecting (and promoting) the rights, safety and wellbeing of the people taking part. It is compliant with the law.

Scientific integrity

The research findings are valid and can be relied upon. The researchers act with scientific integrity.

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