Volatile organic compounds(VOCs) in diagnosis of bladder cancer

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    Research Study

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    Urinary volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the diagnosis of urothelial bladder cancer



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    Ghulam Nabi

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    University of Dundee

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    0 years, 11 months, 31 days

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    We hypothesise that the odours of bladder cancer patients' urine are different to healthy urine due to the changes of metabolic nature of cancerous tissue. We aim to generate fluorescent array pattern of volatile organic compounds from patients' urine samples. We can then compare and analyse to determine the relative contributions of specific volatile organic compounds within urine odour. Results will be compared to conventional histopathological examination of this tissue to determine the hallmark pattern of urine odour with cancer. Additionally, the same urine samples will be assessed by fluorescence spectroscopy to determine any correlation between urine fluorescence and presence of bladder cancer, and any correlation between urine fluorescence and presence of VOCs.

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    East of Scotland Research Ethics Service REC 1

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    16 Feb 2017

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    Further Information Favourable Opinion