Vitamin D Level in Nasal Polyposis: A pilot study Version 1.0

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    Research Study

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    Vitamin D Level in Nasal Polyposis: A pilot study



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    Gaurav Chawdhary

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    Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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    1 years, 0 months, 0 days

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    Nasal polyposis is an inflammatory condition of the nose and sinuses. It is usually treated with steroid nose sprays and cannot be cured, only controlled. In severe cases, surgery is performed to open the sinuses in the nose and improve symptoms. Recently there have been reports from the USA, Taiwan and Turkey that have found low Vitamin D levels in patients with nasal polyposis. We want to see if this association is found in the UK population. We aim to determine the Vitamin D level in up to 30 patients with nasal polyposis in order to estimate the proportion of this population that is Vitamin D deficient and compare our pilot results with nationally available estimates of Vitamin D in the general population. Further, we aim to generate evidence that would either support or contrast with the work of other international groups, thereby adding to the body of knowledge in this fledgling field of research. Thirdly, this work would inform our subsequent decisions about the feasibility of pursuing any future work on this topic. The broader long-term vision is that if an association is confirmed, and causality demonstrated in further studies between low Vitamin D level and nasal polyposis, it could provide a new avenue for treatment that is simple, safe and already available: namely Vitamin D supplementation.

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    East Midlands - Nottingham 1 Research Ethics Committee

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    22 May 2015

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    Further Information Favourable Opinion