The Swansea Neurology Biobank

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    Research Tissue Bank



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    The Swansea Neurology Biobank

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    Wales REC 3

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    12 Jun 2017

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    Unfavourable Opinion

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    The primary aim of this biobank is to act as a repository for DNA, tissue and blood products from those with neurological illnesses and with comorbid\nand/or related disorders and their unaffected relatives, with sample collection being part of a programme of scheduled research within the Swansea Neurology Biobank, (SNB). This biobank will also collect samples from those affected by episodes of a transient loss of consciousness, incorporating those with\ndiagnoses of cardiac disorders.\nFor the large part we will be collecting blood samples from participants from which we will obtain DNA, RNA, plasma, serum and peripheral blood lymphocytes, but we will also collect saliva, hair and tissue samples. All sample\ncollections will be consent driven, with written consent being obtained by trained healthcare professionals prior to\nsample ascertainment. Collections will occur either in NHS clinics attended by the participant or at appointments\nspecifically scheduled for the purpose. Samples will stored within the HCRW funded biobanking facility at\nSwansea University and at the Health Protection Agency in Salisbury, Wiltshire.\nFurther, we will collect detailed clinical information in participants to assist with phenotyping and data analysis as well\nas providing the basis for additional cohort focused healthcare research.\n

  • Research programme

    Research programme/community supported by the bank (maximum 200 words):\nOur main principal, and the overarching theme of the biobank, is to provide a DNA and cell repository for research into\nepilepsy and associated disorders, ranging from basic science to drug development.\nThe samples obtained will have several scheduled purposes;\n1) Genediscovery\nexperiments: using gene association studies, linkage analysis, exome and whole genome sequencng and candidate gene screening\n2) Pharmacogenomics: the association of genetic constitution with response to drugs or susceptibility to side effects.\n3) Submission of specific cohorts to academic research facilities as part of formal collaborations (including material\ntransfer agreements).\n4) Submission of specific cohorts to pharmaceutical companies who require biological material to develop and test new anti-seizure / anti-arrhythmia drugs.\nAll scheduled purposes are aimed towards better understanding neurology disorders and how to treat them, thus benefiting patients and society in general.

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    The Swansea Neurology Biobank

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    Swansea University

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    Institute of Life Sciences 1, School of Medicine

    Singleton Park


    SA2 8PP