IQVIA Medical Research Data

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    Research Database



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    Louise Pinder

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    IQVIA Medical Research Data

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    London - South East Research Ethics Committee

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    5 Jul 2018

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    Further Information Favourable Opinion

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    The IQVIA Medical Research Data contains non-identified electronic medical records (EMRs) collected from GP practices in the UK which use compatible practice management systems. IQVIA Medical Research Data currently includes data collected from GP practices using EMIS Health or using Vision and contributing to THIN, A Cegedim Database, which is licensed by IQVIA. \The data consists of records entered by the GP practice such as:\n- Patients’ details: year of birth, sex, practice registration date, practice de-registration date,\n- Morbidity data: signs, symptoms, diagnoses with dates, referrals to hospitals and specialists,\n- Prescription details: all prescriptions with date issued, formulation, strength, quantity, dosing instructions,\n- Other information: smoking status, height, weight, immunisations, pregnancy, birth, death, test and laboratory results.\IQVIA Medical Research data does not include any sensitive / identifiable data.\n-As of March 2021, IQVIA Medical Research data contains pseudonymised electronic medical records from over 20 million patients in the UK, ~4 million of which are actively registered with contributing GP practice\n

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    \nIQVIA Medical Research Data provides an opportunity to study a wide range of therapeutic/medical areas. The database has been extensively used by researchers to undertake population based medical research studies in specific scientific areas such as:\n- Epidemiology\n- Drug safety\n- Public health research\n- Drug

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    IQVIA Medical Research Data

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    IQVIA World Publications Limited

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    210 Pentonville Road


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