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The effect of L-phenylalanine on appetite v1.0

  • Research type

    Research Study

  • Full title

    The effect of L-phenylalanine on appetite



  • Contact name

    Kevin Murphy

  • Contact email

  • Sponsor organisation

    AHSC Joint Research Compliance Office

  • Eudract number


  • Duration of Study in the UK

    2 years, 0 months, 1 days

  • Research summary

    Obesity and its complications are major worldwide public health issues. There is currently a need for effective, economically viable treatment options. Protein has a powerful satiating effect that is greater than that of carbohydrate and fat. High protein diets reduce food intake and facilitate weight loss in animal models and in man but the mechanisms by which protein is sensed are poorly understood. Pilot experiments have shown that L-phenylalanine (an essential amino acid) powerfully inhibits food intake and improves glucose control when orally administered to rodents, whilst D-phenylalanine (metabolically inactive form) has no effect. We will perform a study to investigate whether oral administration of L-phenylalanine (with doses corresponding to those found in a large high protein meal) will reduce hunger and food intake versus administration of D-phenylalanine in human volunteers. We will determine the effect of different doses of L-phenylalanine on acute food intake, subjective assessment of appetite, gut hormone release and markers of glucose homeostasis compared to D-phenylalanine and vehicle control in healthy individuals.

  • REC name

    London - West London & GTAC Research Ethics Committee

  • REC reference


  • Date of REC Opinion

    8 Jul 2016

  • REC opinion

    Further Information Favourable Opinion

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