Testing a mental imagery anxiety intervention

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    Research Study

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    Testing a co-designed mental imagery anxiety intervention for people with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities (Co-MAID)



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    Olivia Hewitt

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    Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

  • Duration of Study in the UK

    1 years, 2 months, 1 days

  • Research summary

    Background: Our study is about adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities, and problems with anxiety. People with anxiety often have unhelpful mental images (pictures in their heads) which keep them feeling anxious. Mental imagery interventions can help to change these unhelpful pictures or mental images, and so reduce anxiety. We have worked with people with intellectual disabilities and other stakeholders (family members, health and care professionals, and advocates) to develop a mental imagery intervention specifically for people with intellectual disabilities.
    Aims: We want to try out this new mental imagery intervention and get feedback from participants and their families.
    Method: We will try out our intervention with 6 people with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities who have anxiety. We will collect information about their anxiety before they start the intervention and for several weeks after the intervention has finished. At the end of the intervention, we will interview them all about what it was like to do our study and the intervention. We will also ask their supporters (paid carers or family members) what they thought of the intervention. This will help us know whether people liked the intervention, and what changes we might need to make.
    Patient and Public Involvement: People with intellectual disabilities, their family members and people working in support services have been closely involved in designing this intervention. They have designed our paperwork, helped us to find people to be in our studies and tell people about what we find out.
    Dissemination: We will write articles which are published in a journal, which is like a magazine. These are often read by professionals. We will make a film to go on the internet. We will go to conferences to tell people about our research.

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    West of Scotland REC 3

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    7 Mar 2024

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    Further Information Favourable Opinion