Survivor and s.o. experiences of recovery at home after ICU_v0.1

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    Research Study

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    From intensive care to home: a Constructivist Grounded Theory of intensive care survivor and significant other experiences of early recovery at home



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    Carley L Turner

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    University of Huddersfield

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    0 years, 9 months, 29 days

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    Background: Almost 200,000 people were admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU) across England in 2017 and 2018. Of these, three out of every four survived to discharge home. ICU survivors and their significant others report long term health issues after discharge home.
    Aim: To generate theory on how ICU survivors and significant others experience early recovery at home after discharge from intensive care.
    Methods: We will use a well-known method called Grounded Theory, a method concerned with the generation of theory. We will talk to ICU survivors who have been discharged home within the first four weeks of discharge from hospital. ICU survivors’ significant others will also be interviewed. We will aim to find out what the challenges are to recovery, and what helped ICU survivors recover after they were discharged home. ICU survivors and their significant others will be asked to participate in the study from two NHS Trusts in West Yorkshire.
    Analysis: We will analyse the interviews using Grounded Theory methods to identify key concepts and form a theory of recovery at home after intensive care. Analysis of the interviews will take place at the same time as carrying out the interviews, to allow for theoretical sampling, depending on the themes from previous interviews.
    Outcome: The theory capturing insights into the experiences of ICU survivors and their signification others after discharge home will inform future services to support this group more effectively.

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    London - Surrey Research Ethics Committee

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    13 Oct 2022

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    Favourable Opinion