Small Area Health Statistics Unit (SAHSU)

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    Research Database



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    Anna L Hansell

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    Small Area Health Statistics Unit (SAHSU)

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    London - South East Research Ethics Committee

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    29 Jun 2017

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    Favourable Opinion

  • Data collection arrangements

    The Small Area Health Statistics Unit requests data extracts from a number of data providers. SAHSU currently holds the following data:
    NHS Digital - Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) – (Admitted Patient, Critical Care, and HES-ONS Mortality for out of hospital deaths)
    Office for National Statistics (ONS):
    Live and Still Births, Mortality, NHS Numbers for Babies (NN4B) and Cancer Incidence
    British Isles Network of Congenital Anomaly Registers (BINOCAR) and associated local registries:
    British Isles Network of Congenital Anomaly Registers (BINOCAR) (2000-2010)
    South West Congenital Anomaly Register (SWCAR) (2005 – 2010)
    Congenital Anomaly Register for Oxfordshire, Berkshire & Buckinghamshire (CAROBB, Thames Valley) (2000 -2010)
    East Midlands and South Yorkshire Congenital Anomalies Register (EMSYCAR) (2000 – 2010)
    Wessex Antenatally Detected Anomalies Register (WANDA) (2000 – 2010)
    Northern Congenital Abnormality Survey (NorCAS) (2000 – 2010)
    Department of Health - Termination of Pregnancy in England & Wales due to congenital anomaly
    Welsh Cancer Intelligence and Surveillance Unit (WCISU) Cancer Registry for the National Health Service in Wales - Cancer Incidence
    Welsh Government - National Community Child Health Database
    Information Services Division NHS National Services Scotland
    Scottish Hospital admissions and cancer registrations 2010 and mortality 2008-12 for respiratory diseases
    Congenital anomalies, births and infant mortality for Scotland 2000-2010
    Data extracts are downloaded from data providers’ either using their secure electronic file transfer systems or other secure mechanisms.

  • Research programme

    The Small Area Health Statistics Unit (SAHSU) is a long-standing and internationally-recognised centre of excellence in environmental health protection and spatial statistics, with an emphasis on the use and interpretation of routine health statistics at small-area (neigbourhood) level. SAHSU is funded by Public Health England (PHE) to contribute to public health in the UK, particularly through: • Developing and maintaining databases of health data, environmental exposures and social confounding factors at the small area level • To carry out substantive research studies on environment and health issues including studies of the relationship between socio-economic factors and health to contribute to public health protection and environmental health policy • To develop statistical methodology for analysing and interpreting health outcomes related to small areas • To act as a centre of expertise, disseminating information on developments in spatial epidemiological methods to regional, national and international groups • To respond rapidly, with expert advice, to ad hoc queries from Department of Health and Public Health England about unusual clusters of disease, particularly in the neighbourhood of industrial installations SAHSU collaborates widely with academic departments and public health bodies in devolved nations and internationally, including the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  • Research database title

    Small Area Health Statistics Unit (SAHSU)

  • Establishment organisation

    Small Area Health Statistics Unit (SAHSU) at the MRC-PHE Centre for Environment and Health, Imperial College London

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    5th Floor, Medical School Building, Norfolk Place

    St Marys Campus


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