Reconstruction in Extended MArgin Cancer Surgery (REMACS)

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    Research Study

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    Quality of life and health economic outcomes from perineal reconstruction in abdominopelvic cancer patients: an observational and qualitative study.



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    Charles West

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    University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

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    3 years, 0 months, 1 days

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    Patients presenting with cancers in the abdomen and pelvis that are very advanced at diagnosis or have come back after previous treatment are difficult to manage. Survival is appalling unless surgery is performed to remove all the cancer, however these operations can be very invasive and involve removal of multiple pelvic organs, including muscle, bone and skin around the anus (perineum). This leaves large wounds that can cause complications and a reduced quality of life. This impact on quality of life is not well known about currently.

    The decisions for doctors and patients about going ahead with this surgery is difficult, as there is a need to balance survival against quality of life. There is currently no formal decision aid to help with all of these scenarios. There are methods of reconstruction of the perineum available to improve quality of life, however doctors are not sure which method of reconstruction gives the best outcomes. Finally undertaking these operations is expensive, and not much is known about the financial costs of this treatment for patients, their families and the NHS.

    The Reconstruction in Extended MArgin Cancer Surgery (REMACS) study will research complications in patients needing reconstruction of the perineum following their cancer surgery. It will use questionnaires and interviews to find out about patient experiences and quality of life. Finally, it will investigate the financial costs to patients and the NHS.

    The study will be run with the Wessex Research Collaborative initially across two trusts (University Hospital Southampton and Salisbury NHS Foundation Trusts).

    The research if funded by the Fergus Scholefield Cancer Research Fund Bursary donated by Penguins Against Cancer.

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    North East - Newcastle & North Tyneside 2 Research Ethics Committee

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    10 Mar 2022

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    Further Information Favourable Opinion