PTCL Biobank

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    Research Tissue Bank



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    PTCL Biobank: An Observational Study of Peripheral T cell Lymphoma:
    Establishment of a Biobank and Database.

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    Wales REC 5

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    6 Nov 2016

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    Further Information Favourable Opinion

  • Data collection arrangements

    Patients with PTCL are often found to have enlarged lymph nodes, which are biopsied to provide a diagnosis. The PTCL Biobank will store part of the diagnostic lymph node and also samples of blood and saliva. It is also planned to take blood samples at intervals during treatment in order to be able to find markers to assess response. It is planned to recruit patients to the PTCL Biobank from hospitals across the country. The local haematologist from a site participating in this study will be able to offer information about the Biobank to patients and after informed consent is taken samples will be sent to the Haematological Malignancies Biobank at the University of Liverpool. Clinical data will also be collected in order that that the most benefit can be obtained from the sample collection. Data will be entered through a secure web-based application to a database held at the University of Leicester.

  • Research programme

    Peripheral T-cell lymphomas (PTCL) are cancers of cells of the immune system called T-cells. They are rare (about 600 new patients will be diagnosed each year) and they do not respond well to current treatments. However, there are indications that the situation for patients could change over the next few years with new diagnostic tests and new forms of treatment becoming available. Because of the rarity of these conditions and in order to find the best way to introduce the new tests and treatments into clinical practice a source of samples available to researchers across the UK is required. The PTCL Biobank will provide tissue samples for diagnostic tests and tests to assess response to treatment, which in turn will provide information to direct the right treatment to the right patient. The PTCL Biobank will be a resource to support researchers. Scientists or doctors will be able to submit a proposal to use the stored samples for scrutiny by specialists in lymphoma and if approved samples will be released for research investigating genetic abnormalities or gene and protein expression.

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    PTCL Biobank: An Observational Study of Peripheral T cell Lymphoma: Establishment of a Biobank and Database.

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    University of Liverpool

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    2nd Floor Duncan Building

    Royal Liverpool University Hospital

    Prescot Street, Liverpool

    L7 8XP