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    Research Study

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    PREVention of diabetes through lifestyle Intervention and population studies in Europe and around the World - The PREVIEW study



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    Ian A Macdonald

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    Type 2 diabetes (T2D), also known as non-insulin-dependent diabetes (NIDDM), is one of the fastest growing chronic diseases worldwide. This is thought to be due to the increasing number of people who are inactive and who are becoming overweight and obese. The PREVIEW Project has been established to find out what is the most effective lifestyle (diet and physical activity) to prevent T2D in those who are at risk of developing the disease.
    The aim is to recruit 290 participants between the ages of 25-45 and 55-70yrs, who are at risk of developing T2D. They will be asked to follow an 8wk low-calorie, meal replacement weight-loss programme, followed by a 34month intervention period where they will be advised to follow one of two weight-maintenance diets (either a high protein low glycaemic index carbohydrate diet, or a diet with normal proportion of protein but higher in carbohydrates) and one of two exercise regimes (either 150min of moderate, or 75min of higher intensity activity per week). Regular group meetings will provide advice and support to participants during the project, and participants’ health and wellbeing will be assessed over the 3 years at 7 clinical assessment days.
    The trial is funded by the EC and will be performed in 6 EU countries (Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Netherlands, UK), Australia and New Zealand.

    This application refers only to the volunteers who will be recruited, and the protocol which will be carried out, at the UK (Nottingham) site

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    East Midlands - Leicester Central Research Ethics Committee

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    24 Jul 2013

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    Further Information Favourable Opinion