Prehabilitation in patients with cancer and Type 2 diabetes

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    Research Study

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    Impact of a multimodal prehabilitation programme on markers of health, quality of life and the short and long post-surgery recovery period in cancer patients with Type 2 diabetes.



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    Fernando Naclerio

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    University of Greenwich

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    1 years, 3 months, 30 days

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    Surgical prehabilitation refers to pre-operative interventions aimed at increasing patients’ physiological reserve so that they can better cope with the stress of surgery, avoid post-operative complications and have a faster recovery after surgery. Multimodal prehabilitation combines different aspects related to a healthy lifestyle including but not limited to; physical activity, nutritional education, anxiety coping strategies, alcohol moderation and smoking cessation. Although these aspects are well known, having a cancer diagnosis and the likelihood of an incoming operation during the weeks after diagnosis, place patients in a situation where they may be more receptive to adopting lifestyle changes aimed at promoting health. Such changes could be incorporated, not just in the short-term in preparation for surgery, but also in the medium- and long-term, improving patients’ wellbeing and potentially reducing the risk of cancer reoccurrence and other diseases.
    Although the benefits of prehabilitation before surgery are understood, the effects it may have in non-insulin-dependent Type 2 diabetes patients are unknown.
    This project aims to: (i) Analyse the effects of a multimodal prehabilitation programme vs. the current NHS standard approach, on physical performance in cancer patients with non-insulin-dependent Type 2 diabetes prior to surgery. (ii) Explore the impact of the programme on body composition and metabolic markers. (iii) Analyse the programme adherence, markers of well-being and quality of life during a post-surgery period of up to 12 months as well as its effects on clinical outcomes.

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    North West - Haydock Research Ethics Committee

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    21 Feb 2023

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    Unfavourable Opinion

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