PREDICT COVID UK: The development of a risk scoring tool for COVID 19.

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    Research Study

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    The assessment of a risk scoring tool for patients with COVID 19 to enable safe clinical decision making and prognostication: a. An analysis of the demographics, clinical, radiological and laboratory characteristics with outcomes in all patients presenting to West Herts NHS Trust. b. An analysis of the safety and health care economics or the COVID 19 Virtual Hospital and c. to prospectively describe the recovery phase of COVID-19 patients in terms of changing psychological, physiological (cardiac and respiratory) and radiological parameters over a 12 month follow up period after discharge.



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    Fiona Smith

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    West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

  • Duration of Study in the UK

    1 years, 11 months, 2 days

  • Research summary

    PREDICT COVID UK, is a prospective observational study aimed to prospectively validate a risk scoring tool that has been developed, internally and externally validated in other populations including ISARIC and the Liverpool Aintree cohort. It continues to collect and review data prospectively in patients attending West Herts NHS Trust.

    Selected participants (Amendment 5) will be approached to give consent for a set of bloods to be taken. The study has so far not required consent as it is observational and relied on existent clinical pathways with no interventional aspects. Data will be collected from the electronic data sources of the hospital and be anonymised for analysis using existent in house statistical knowledge. All analysis will be done in West Herts on site on anonymised data.

    All adult (over 18y) patients with a positive PCR test for SARS COV-2 are included for the observational study where demographic, comorbid, clinical, laboratory, and radiological data are collected as part of routine clinical care. A select group of consenting patients will be approached where both patient information and consent forms are available for the provision of an added blood sample for biomarkers that may enable prediction of risk.

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    London - Stanmore Research Ethics Committee

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    15 May 2020

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    Favourable Opinion