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    Research Study

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    Post COVID REspiratory Mechanisms and the Efficacy of a breathing exercise intervention for DYsregulated breathing



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    Charlotte Bolton

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    University of Nottingham

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    1 years, 3 months, 0 days

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    Dysregulated breathing is altered breathing due to abnormal responses from the breathing control system in the brain. It leads to breathlessness and can affect exercise levels. It can co-exist with other lung conditions such as asthma and is seen commonly in patients with persisting breathlessness after Covid-19.
    for these patients, some techniques can be taught but the role of a breathing based treatment is not known. Here we will do a pilot study of a 12 session (over 6 weeks) intervention of breathing technique, based around yoga compared to usual care. This will be 2/week, delivered online using an appropriate platform in small groups.
    We will assess patients breathlessness walking before and after the intervention and generate information for a larger study to give definitive answers.
    The study has been designed with patients involved as many describe severe fatigue and any additional exertion activities can set them back.

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    London - Camden & Kings Cross Research Ethics Committee

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    13 Oct 2022

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    Favourable Opinion