Optimum Patient Care Research Database

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    Research Database



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    David Price

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    Optimum Patient Care Research Database

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    East Midlands - Derby Research Ethics Committee

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    16 Jun 2015

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    Further Information Favourable Opinion

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    Optimum Patient Care Research Database (OPCRD) is a quality controlled anonymous database for evidence-based research. OPCRD comprises fully anonymous, longitudinal patient data and any data sources relevant to management of patients in primary care:
    • Anonymous patient routine data
    • Anonymous patient questionnaire data
    • Anonymous data from services and studies conducted in primary care
    • Patients who have refused consent or withdrawn consent for data sharing or use for research are excluded
    • Sensitive data entries (e.g. HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, termination of pregnancy, IVF treatment, marital status, convictions/imprisonments, physical/psychological/sexual abuse) are excluded

    OPCRD does not hold patient identifiable data. It does not hold data relating to patients who opt out of sharing their data. Data for patients who subsequently withdraw consent are excluded at the time of data gathering from the practice. All patients have a right to withdraw consent to contribute their data for anonymised research and this is adhered to at all times.

    Data for OPCRD is gathered via the Optimum Patient Care (OPC) clinical review services – which is a social enterprise supporting over 520 general practices across the UK and Ireland with management of patients with chronic conditions as well as general health care improvements.

  • Research programme

    The OPCRD is gathered from OPC clinical review services – a social enterprise supporting over 520 general practices across the UK with managing patients with chronic conditions. The anonymous data is essential for researchers to conduct real-life, high quality, longitudinal cohort and case-control studies. This facilitates improvements in patient outcomes and innovation to primary care provision. Practices benefit from independent review of their patient population, enhanced by patients’ perspective through anonymised patient questionnaires. Work presented at Primary Care Respiratory Society UK conference demonstrated a significant reduction in exacerbations in patients with asthma for participating practices. OPCRD is not limited by GP clinical systems, therefore has potential to be the most representative clinical database for use in real-world evaluations in the UK. Since its inauguration, the OPCRD has supported numerous published researches in respiratory care, disease management, therapy, and science. OPCRD is governed by the Anonymous Data Ethics Protocols and Transparency (ADEPT) committee – an independent body of experts and regulators. The committee comprises independent clinical experts, research scientists and lay members of public. Researchers interested in conducting a study using data from OPCRD must gain approval from the committee to ensure they meet UK ethical standards and are of high scientific quality.

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    Optimum Patient Care Research Database

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    Optimum Patient Care

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    Warren House Sankence



    NR11 6UN