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OPTIMAM Image Database: Version 1

  • Research type

    Research Database

  • Full title

    OPTIMAM database of digital mammograms for the optimisation of breast



  • Contact name

    Kenneth Young

  • Contact email

  • Research summary

    OPTIMAM Image Database: Version 1

  • REC name

    South Central - Oxford C Research Ethics Committee

  • REC reference


  • Date of REC Opinion

    7 Jul 2014

  • REC opinion

    Further Information Favourable Opinion

  • Data collection arrangements

    The data comprises anonymised digital mammograms and anonymised associated radiological and pathological data. Images and data are generally collected by an automated system which identifies screen detected cancers prospectively at three main clinical sites. Some digital mammograms with normal and benign pathology will also be included in the database.

  • Research programme

    The data will be used for research and training purposes. The primary purpose for collecting the data is to conduct the research described in the OPTIMAM2 Research Project funded by Cancer Research UK. This research will evaluate how various technical factors affect cancer detection using mammographic images. This is achieved by conducting experiments on the ability of radiologists to detect cancers in studies which closely mimic breast screening by requiring search and detection in either real or virtual clinical images, i.e. real patient backgrounds or projections of anthropomorphic phantoms enriched with simulated or real lesions. Our hybrid clinical–simulated images can be modified to represent a large variety of mammography technology. The research will provide information on how best to use the latest digital X-ray imaging technology to detect breast cancer during screening. This work is important because even small improvements in cancer detection in breast screening can lead to large numbers of extra cancers being detected and fewer unnecessary recalls because of the large population involved. The anonymised images and data will also be made available to other researchers under the terms of a written agreement limiting the use of the data to agreed projects.

  • Research database title

    OPTIMAM Image Database: Version 1

  • Establishment organisation

    Royal Surrey County Hospital

  • Establishment organisation address

    Egerton Road

    Department of Medical Physics


    GU2 7XX