NEuroCOUGH V1.0 15Jan2020

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    Research Study

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    NEw Understanding of the tReatment Of COUGH (NEUROCOUGH); European Chronic Cough Registry and Bio-Resource Protocol.



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    Lorcan McGarvey

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    2 years, 0 months, 31 days

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    Chronic cough is a common and troublesome clinical problem. Currently there are no effective treatments. While individual specialist cough clinics have been set up in some European countries there is no formal mechanism to develop common management approaches and no means to standardise and harmonise the activity in these specialist clinics. The NEuroCOUGH study is an observational, non interventional study involving data collection at a baseline visit and at annual follow up. Aiming to capture a large and varied population representative of real-life chronic cough management across Europe, male and female individuals over the age of 18 who have a chronic cough lasting over 8 weeks will be identified at their specialised cough clinic and may be invited to participate the study based on further inclusion/exclusion criteria. The Neurocough study aims to achieve the creation of a Registry of Europe-wide Specialist Cough Clinics operating according to agreed and standardised protocols, which will be incorporated into future guidelines along with a Europe-wide registry of ‘clinical trial ready’ chronic cough patients suitable for multi-centre experimental medicine studies and later phase clinical trials. NEuroCOUGH will provide a means to disseminate and communicate the importance of diagnosing and treating chronic cough while placing Europe at the forefront of clinical improvements in chronic cough. NEuroCOUGH will provide a strong platform for attracting major clinical trials of anti-tussive thereby speeding up drug discovery with the ultimate aim of providing better treatments for patients with chronic cough.

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    East of England - Cambridge Central Research Ethics Committee

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    16 Oct 2020

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    Further Information Favourable Opinion