Manchester Eye Tissue Repository - ETR Biobank

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    Research Tissue Bank



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    Manchester Eye Tissue Repository

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    North West - Greater Manchester Central Research Ethics Committee

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    18 Dec 2015

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    Favourable Opinion

  • Data collection arrangements

    The Manchester Eye Tissue Repository (ETR) will collect donor eye tissue for research. When eyes are generously donated after death for sight-saving corneal transplantation, permission can also be given for the rest of the eyes to be used for research. Corneas are removed and processed for transplantation at Manchester Eye Bank, one of the two national eye banks within the Corneal Transplant Service. Until now, eye tissue donated for research has not been systematically collected and as a result is often not used. Therefore, the Manchester ETR has been established to maximise the use of the eye tissue donated for research. Where research consent has been given, the tissue will be collected from the Manchester Eye Bank after the corneas have been removed for transplantation. The eye tissue will then be anonymised and transported to the Manchester ETR where it will be stored. Scientists will then be able to apply to the Manchester ETR to use the donated tissue for research that will facilitate the development of new and better treatments for eye conditions.

  • Research programme

    The Manchester ETR is funded by, and works closely with the Macular Society, a charity for people with macular degeneration which, at part of its remit, supports research. Information on the Manchester ETR can be found on the Macular Society website and research findings that result from the use of tissue derived from this biobank will be publicised on their website in the future.

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    Manchester Eye Tissue Repository

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    University of Manchester

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    Oxford Rd, Manchester


    M13 9PL