Leveraging digital phenotyping

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    Research Study

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    Leveraging digital phenotyping to support patients with vision loss beyond the clinic



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    Mariya Moosajee

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    University College London

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    Z6364106/2022/02/59, UCL Data Protection Registration Number

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    2 years, 11 months, 30 days

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    Smartphones are increasingly being used to collect health information. ‘Digital phenotyping’ refers to using data collected from a smartphone to build a picture about an individual’s lifestyle and health. There is scope for this data to be used as indicators of clinically relevant behaviour. For example, if a person’s vision starts to become worse, this person may then start going out less frequently in darker evenings. Care providers can be alerted by these digital signals and determine whether an intervention might be needed. Combined with routine clinical data, digital phenotyping could emerge as a powerful tool to establish the real-world impact of vision loss and might help to prevent avoidable sight loss.

    The OverSight app (OverSight.Health) is a smartphone app available for most Apple iPhones. The app collects two types of data. The first type of data consists of responses to questionnaires on the app. The second type of data is automatically collected through built-in sensors on the smartphone without any requirement of the user. An example of this is recording the number of steps taken using the smartphone accelerometer.

    This project aims to find out whether the OverSight smartphone application for digital phenotyping is useful for collecting data about lifestyle and behaviour in people with vision loss.

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    North West - Greater Manchester South Research Ethics Committee

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    13 Oct 2022

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    Further Information Favourable Opinion