INSTINCT: COVID-19 Household Contacts Study [COVID-19]

  • Research type

    Research Study

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    Integrated Network for Surveillance, Trials and Investigations into COVID-19 Transmission (INSTINCT)



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    Ajit /AL Lalvani

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    Imperial College London Joint Research Compliance Office

  • Duration of Study in the UK

    1 years, 6 months, 30 days

  • Research summary

    Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by a new human virus, SARS-CoV-2, has quickly spread around the world. At the time of writing, it has infected 51,608 and killed 5,373 people in the United Kingdom (UK) alone. Given the speed of this spread, we still know very little about the virus and the body’s immune response to it.\n\nThis study aims to provide insights into important public health questions such as: the proportion of asymptomatic infected individuals in the UK; why only a small number get severe disease; what immunity may exist in the population; and whether once infected, someone gains immunity to future infection, and if so, for how long that immunity lasts. In the process, the study will strengthen the existing RCGP surveillance platform and create the platform for future trials of therapies and vaccines.\n\nThe study will achieve this by collecting upper airway and blood samples from two cohorts of adults and children at different stages of virus exposure, infection and disease. The first cohort will comprise individuals who present to their general practitioner (GP) with symptoms of COVID-19 and go on to be tested as positive and their household contacts. The second, healthcare workers who have a history of exposure to the virus. If these individuals consent, they will have samples taken at up to five timepoints over the course of 6 months.\n\nAlongside laboratory samples, we will be collecting real-time information on the participants’ symptoms and health, using a mobile app. This data will then be linked to laboratory sample data in order to answer the above important questions in order to direct future public health strategy in the UK and worldwide.\n\n

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    North West - Greater Manchester East Research Ethics Committee

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  • Date of REC Opinion

    22 Apr 2020

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    Favourable Opinion