Information following surgery for lung cancer

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    Research Study

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    The process of disclosure of the risk of cancer recurrence in patients following potentially curative lung cancer surgery: a multiple case study.



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    Matthew H Johnson

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    2 years, 8 months, 31 days

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    Despite recent improvements in outcomes for patients with lung cancer, survival rates remain poor; the exception being patients with early, localised cancers, judged to be fit enough for surgery. However, surgery is no guarantee of cure and significant numbers of patients relapse and eventually die from their cancer. Recent studies indicate most patients with cancer want detailed information about diagnosis and likely prognosis, although patients also want information that supports hope for the future. There is no published research on information giving following surgical resection for lung cancer. Consequently there is little understanding of the information that professionals currently give, the effects this has on patients’ psychological adjustment and the prognostic information patients want.

    This study aims to gain an understanding of information-giving to post-surgical lung cancer patients around risk of recurrence. Ultimately the study aims to identify strategies and interventions that may help patients manage the uncertainty inherent in their situation. Using a case study methodology, the study will use multiple sources of data, including participant observation of post-surgery out-patient consultations, and semi-structured interviews with patients, doctors and clinical nurse specialists. In order to capture changes in the patients’ understanding and information needs over time, two further interviews will be scheduled with the patient over the following six months after the first follow-up clinic. A final element to the study will be focus groups. There will be three groups, one each with patients and their carers, members of the multidisciplinary teams and nurse specialists from a national group. The discussions will aim to identify strategies or interventions that patients or professionals could use that may be helpful to patients in managing uncertainty of potential cancer recurrence.

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    London - Camberwell St Giles Research Ethics Committee

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    27 Jul 2015

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    Favourable Opinion