Improving Feedback Mechanisms on End of Life Care

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    Research Study

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    Understanding the experiences of people in end-of-life care who are not proficient in English and developing a feedback mechanism for them



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    Sherone Phillips

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  • Sponsor organisation

    NHS England and NHS Improvement

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    0 years, 8 months, 28 days

  • Research summary

    Revealing Reality (RR) has been commissioned by NHS England to develop and test a feedback mechanism for people who are at end of life, or recently bereaved, who are not proficient in English.

    The research aims to understand how to build trust with communities who don’t speak English and encourage them to offer feedback, both on the care they have received/are receiving and anything the would hope could be changed for the future.
    It will involve a total of 60 interviews with people at the end of their lives or recently bereaved family members, and will be led by RR researchers in collaboration with suitably trained clinical, social care, voluntary sector or community professionals.

    Participants aged 18+ will be identified, recruited and interviewed within three locations in England (Bradford, Leicester and East London). In each location, we have set up a group of professionals within either end of life care services or the local community. These include clinical professionals, volunteer managers and social care teams. These professionals will collaborate with RR researchers throughout all aspects of data collection, and will be required to adhere to the same procedures as RR researchers, alongside their existing policies.

    Each participant will be interviewed and research design adapted dependent on what is possible and appropriate in their situation, with interviews lasting between 15 and 90 minutes. For each interview, an interpreter is expected to be present in the language most comfortable to the person. These will be professional interpreters hired by RR or interpreters used by collaborators (clinical, social care, voluntary sector or community professionals) as part of their normal working practices.

    Following this phase of the work, RR will analyse data about the formats of different data collection mechanisms to make a suggestion for how feedback should be collected in the future.

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    West Midlands - Coventry & Warwickshire Research Ethics Committee

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    14 Oct 2022

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    Further Information Favourable Opinion