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    Research Study

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    Genetics of susceptibility and mortality in critical care (GenOMICC)



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    Fiach O'Mahony

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    University of Edinburgh

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  • Duration of Study in the UK

    14 years, 2 months, 31 days

  • Research summary

    Our genes determine how susceptible we are to life-threatening infection. When a patient is already sick, different genetic factors determine how likely they are to survive.
    The GenOMICC (Genetics of Susceptibility and Mortality in Critical Care) study will identify the specific genes that cause some people to be susceptible to specific infections and consequences of severe injury. Our hope is that identifying these genes will help us to use existing treatments better, and to design new treatments to help people survive critical illness. To do this, we will compare DNA and cells from carefully selected patients with samples from healthy people.

  • REC name

    Scotland A: Adults with Incapacity only

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  • Date of REC Opinion

    30 Jul 2015

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    Unfavourable Opinion