Finger-prick capillary blood sampling in chronic lung disease

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    Research Study

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    Single-centre validation of finger-prick capillary blood sampling for remote monitoring in chronic lung disease including antifungal therapeutic drug monitoring.



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    Michael Loebinger

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    Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust

  • Duration of Study in the UK

    1 years, 0 months, 1 days

  • Research summary

    As a tertiary respiratory unit, we manage large cohorts of adults with chronic lung disease from across the South of England. These adults often require outpatient monitoring of inflammatory and biochemical markers and therapeutic drug monitoring. With the advent of virtual internet based telecommunication and remote monitoring tools, physician review and accurate respiratory monitoring can now be performed remotely.

    At present, however, there is no suitable easily accessible local facility to enable remote blood monitoring for NHS providers. Specialist blood tests (e.g. antifungal therapeutic drug monitoring) additionally require further visits to tertiary units, resulting in adverse economic and social impact for patients and reduced therapeutic monitoring which may lead to ineffective therapy. Recent studies have highlighted the utility of finger-prick capillary blood sampling for point of care testing. We propose a prospective research study to demonstrate the validity of a novel finger-prick capillary blood sampling method (Thriva Ltd) for remote monitoring in chronic lung disease including anti-fungal therapeutic drug monitoring. Through this study we will validate remote capillary blood sampling for standard biochemical tests routinely used in an outpatient setting including antifungal therapeutic drug monitoring.

  • REC name

    North West - Haydock Research Ethics Committee

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  • Date of REC Opinion

    10 Jul 2018

  • REC opinion

    Favourable Opinion

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