Evaluation of Frontotemporal dementia using PET ligand [18F]APN-1607

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    Research Study

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    Evaluation of the anatomical profile and longitudinal change of tau neurofibrillary tangles in frontotemporal dementia using the tau PET ligand [18F]APN-1607.



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    Eugenii Rabiner

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    Imanova Limited trading as Invicro

  • Duration of Study in the UK

    2 years, 4 months, 2 days

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    Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) is a neurodegenerative disease is characterized by the deposition of Tau. For example in patients with Microtubule Associated Protein Tau mutations.
    Evaluation of the regional patterns of tau deposition and change in those patterns with clinical progression have not yet been well defined. Understanding of these patterns will serve to better define the pathogenesis of this disease and provide a potential biomarker for the development of therapeutic treatments. [18F]APN-1607 is a tau-targeting radiotracer that has been developed to assess tau deposition over time.
    We will assess tau deposition using [18F]APN-1607 PET (Positron Emission Tomography) in patients with fFTD-MAPT and compare it to healthy individuals and FTD patients without the MAPT mutation.

    Eligible FTD patients, will receive 2 PET-CT(Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography) scans and 2 MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans at Invicro, at 12 months interval. Healthy individuals will receive one PET-CT and one MRI. The total protocol dose is 9.6 mSv. The study participants will be exposed to a maximum of 9.6 mSv of additional ionising radiation, equivalent to 4.4 years of average natural background radiation in the UK.

    The brain data obtained in patients will be compared to that of healthy volunteers of comparable age and sex.

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    East of England - Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Research Ethics Committee

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    1 Jun 2023

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    Further Information Favourable Opinion