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Effect of LA on pain following oral surgery under GA. Version2

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    Research Study

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    A double blind randomised placebo controlled study assessing the effect of intra-operative local anaesthetic administration on postoperative pain in adolescent children undergoing oral surgery under general anaesthetic to facilitate orthodontic treatment .

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    Michael J Murphy

  • Sponsor organisation

    Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust Research and Development Department

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  • Research summary

    Surgical exposure or removal of impacted teeth is a common reason for referral of patients from orthodontists to oral surgery colleagues. These patients tend to be in their adolescent years typically age 12 to 16 and the treatment is such that the cases are almost always carried out under day case general anaesthetic. Pain following minor oral surgery is well documented, with most of the research having taken place in adults using the surgical removal of wisdom teeth as a model. This group of patients are older than those requiring orthodontic surgery to be considered in this study. The consensus regarding the use of local anaesthetic to reduce post-operative pain following oral surgery under general anaesthetic is not clear. In the group of patients under consideration there has been no published research along these lines. Anecdotally within our day surgery unit the recovery staff feel that patients that have had local anaesthetic given as part of the surgical procedure seem to have less pain in the early post-surgical period. This study aims to elucidate any beneficial effects that sing local anaesthetic during oral surgery carried out under general anaesthetic in adolescents may have, thereby improving the pain experience in this group of patients. The study will compare two groups of patients one of which is given local anaesthetic as part of the surgical procedure and the other which is given a saline placebo. These patients will then have their pain measured in the post-surgical period to see if it is significantly different. The study is being funded by and carried out in the Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust.

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    Wales REC 2

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    14 Oct 2008

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    Further Information Favourable Opinion