Dreaming autoimmunity

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    Research Study

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    Dreaming autoimmunity: exploring dreams in patients suffering from autoimmune diseases



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    Fulvio D'Acquisto

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  • Duration of Study in the UK

    1 years, 11 months, 31 days

  • Research summary

    Patients suffering from autoimmune diseases have long been known to go through a significant emotional and psychological distress during the development of their disease. Although not properly documented, evidence suggests that autoimmune patients often experience vivid dreams but seldom share this highly charged emotional material with the others (including their GP or clinicians).

    The aim of this study is to explore these dreams in dedicated sessions and to provide emotional and psychological support to these patients. This will be done in two stages. During the first stage, consisting of six one-to-one sessions, patients will be subjected to techniques such as dream association technique and the waking dream technique (e.g. a re-visitation of the dream in a waking state). During the second stage, patients will have the option to continue their dream exploration work in group with other patients .

    The ultimate goal of this project is to improve the quality of life of these patients by giving them the opportunity to share and explore their dreams. The emotional and psychological benefits of the projects will be measured using the Mental Health Recovery Star form currently used in several NHS services.

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    North West - Preston Research Ethics Committee

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    22 Apr 2015

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    Favourable Opinion