Developing a new care pathway for people with complex trauma (PATHWAY)

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    Research Study

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    Developing and evaluating a new care pathway to improve outcomes for people with complex trauma (PATHWAY): mixed method development work leading to a programme of applied research



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    Steve Gillard

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    City, University of London

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    1 years, 0 months, 0 days

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    This project aims to answer important preliminary questions. Complex trauma can result from harmful events, including abuse, neglect or violence, often beginning in childhood and continuing for a prolonged period. Trauma survivors may experience anxiety, depression, psychosis, and harmful drug and alcohol use. A high proportion of people using NHS mental health services have experienced complex trauma. They are unlikely to be assessed for trauma and so their treatment may not be effective. Some people find mental health services retraumatising, particularly if they experience control or coercion that reminds them of past traumas. While there are proven treatments for complex trauma, these are not easily available for people using mental health services who have other diagnoses. Because of this, many people with complex trauma find themselves bounced between different services without receiving appropriate trauma care or choose not to use mental health services. We will search the electronic clinical records of people currently using mental health services who meet criteria for complex trauma, and interview trauma survivors and staff in the NHS and charities providing trauma care. We will also use these interviews to identify outcomes and impacts of introducing a trauma pathway from different perspectives.

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    East Midlands - Leicester Central Research Ethics Committee

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    10 Feb 2023

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    Favourable Opinion