CUE1 in PD

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    Research Study

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    Useability and acceptability of the CUE1 device in older people with Parkinson's Disease



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    Alistair J Mackett

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    Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust

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    0 years, 6 months, 27 days

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    Rationale: The CUE1 device is a non-invasive wearable device for people with Parkinson's Disease (PD) approved for sale in the UK. The CUE1 device utilises two established methods to improve motor symptoms in PD, namely pulsed cueing and vibrotactile stimulation. Many people with PD wish to explore non-pharmacological interventions as an adjunct to manage their motor symptom.
    Study design and eligibility: This feasibility study is to establish whether the CUE1 device is a useable and acceptable device for older people with PD. 20-25 participants aged >60 years with PD will be recruited from a movement disorder service to the study. Methodology: Participants will undertake baseline assessments of motor symptoms and quality of life with a PD nurse assessor in their own home. Following this the CUE1 device will be fitted and repeat assessments of motor symptoms will take place after 20 minutes. The participants will complete a daily diary of useability and acceptability for 4 weeks. A second visit will occur at 4 weeks with the same PD nurse assessor where the final set of motor symptom and quality of life assessments will be completed.

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    East of England - Cambridge East Research Ethics Committee

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    22 Dec 2023

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    Further Information Favourable Opinion